• Photos from Jose Alvarez's post

    Nice day for some riding. Specially with my son Jonathan !!! It seems like not long ago I was holding my son in my arms and now he is riding with me!!!! Would not trade the experience for anything on the world!!!

    • Keep the shiny side up!

    • One of the things I enjoy most in life, is bonding with my dad on a motorcycle trip.

    • Those are some fine looking rides.

    • I am looking to by pipes. Any advice? I like Vance and Hines. Thinking of getting the "Hypercharger" as well.

    • seems to be plenty of options for the 750's the 1100 Aero's are hard to find anything but Vance and Hines.

    • V&H, Cobra, Rush. The 3 makers that I know of.

    • you won't find any cobra available for 1100 Aero never heard of rush will look into it.

    • I have a 750. Shawn Flanagan

    • yeah I know

    • no love for the 1100's :(

    • I'm 61 and have two sons 36 and 34. And it is fun to ride with your sons!

    • I'm 61 my son is too young to ride, he's 14.

    • I'm 71 and my daughter and grand son HATE me riding

    • Why?

    • her mother died the same year I had my accident and I am the only family she has left and my grandson has autism and cant stand loud noises

    • I understand now.