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Anyone have any experience with Sheng Wey 22mm carbs on Lifan 125s? Stock jetting is 85/36. Looks like they have weird slow jets and somewhat-normal mains. Anyway just looking for some tuning tips, thanks.

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  • -- Josh, I kept this for reference but can't remember who posted it on another site. I have seen multiple people recommend dropping the stock carb and buying a Mikuni

  • -- I am not running the carb that came with my Lifan 125cc. Stock jets in that carb that came with the engine are #85 Main and #38 Pilot. I bought a 24mm Mikuni Carburetor Pit Dirt Bike SDG SSR Taotao Coolster Lifan 125cc for $34.95. Stock jets that came in the 24mm Mikuni Carburetor are #95 Main and #15 pilot. I am running a #100 Main and a #17.5 Pilot jet with the throttle clip on the bottom slot. It runs great but doesn't like that C100 muffler. The header pipe got real hot and upper performance was sluggish. Now I am running a CM91 muffler that a true friend let me have and this sucker is fast and cool. My friend suggested the #100 and #17.5 with the needle clip position.