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    Have oil leaking from this seal, I don't know the exact term for it and would it be difficult to change?

    • Gear selector shaft seal I guess.. See what the new one looks like and you can judge how easy it is to change it.. I guess just pry it out with a screwdriver and tap the new one in.

    • Shift shaft seal I believe

    • That's what I was thinking

    • put black tap over splines to protect new seal when fitting

    • Pulling out the old is easy enough but if you don't knock in the new with correct tool it won't go in straight and will only leak! Trying to knock in with a socket won't work to well or be down to luck. I would have professionally done ✅

    • Mark up the lever position on the selector shaft. Use a self tapping screw (or two) to remove the old seal. Place some electricians tape over the splines. Push the new seal over the shaft, then use a deep socket the same diameter or slightly smaller than the seal and gently tape the seal into the case. Try and keep the seal as square as possible to the shaft. Remove tape and reassemble the shift lever back on the marks you made at the start.

    • It is an 02 cbr 600 f4i and I cannot seem to find the part anywhere

    • This MIGHT be the part number 91203KK3830 but please check with a Honda dealer in the USA as I'm in England and UK/European bike sometime differ from the bikes you get in America. If it is the correct part they are available for a few Dollars on eBay.com

    • Pulls out and taps back in

    • Please double check this part, but think it is right. And looks to be a standard part for many of the Honda models. Guess the gear levers shaft is same size on many of them

      http://www.bikebandit.com/oem- parts/detail/honda/91203-kk3-8 30/b729830?m=14756&sch=90474

    • Same part number I found (y) for it

    • When fitting the new one. Put some tape over gear shaft thread to stop it from get damaged

    • Thanks everyone for all the help!