• Photos from Josh White's post

    Hey guys looking to sell my postie, EOI atm. Cheers

    • Hey bloke have u got it running

    • Hey mate, been so busy with the house haven't touched it

    • Where are you located? Few more details would be handy

    • Hi Cameron, located Tamworth. 90 model from memory 140cc engine etc all mounted. All new parts to go with engine. New tyres, powder coated rims fair few other bits and pieces.

    • $600?

    • Couldn't go that low sorry mate, close

    • Ok well thats pretty much my budget man can do $645 but yeah

    • $$ what price RU chasing & do you have clear title ??

    • $900, yes can be registered

    • Is it engineered in nsw?? How will it be registered

    • Is it a runner & what parts are missing ??

    • Not yet, wiring and battery, exhaust