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The previous owner put a bobber kit on the bike... Including solid struts. I'm considering putting the stock suspension back on the bike because the ride height is almost too low for comfort. Thoughts? Anyone ride with solid suspension?

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  • You'll never be as comfy as the guy with factory shocks on a "rigid" style frame. Just not possible. Even with an old old Springer mustang, you're gonna feel the paint on the road.

  • That's what I was thinking. As far as I know the bike was mainly ridden around town. I like my all day group rides. I'm leaning toward putting the factory suspension back on.

  • It's a hard look to top though. So if you're ever gonna chase a rigid required look, in your youth is the best time. Glad I got it out of the way lol.

  • Lol. Well, my youthful riding was cut short a long time ago by a busted back in the service. I think I'll try it out and hang on to the rigid parts for local rallies and such if I swap it.

  • Ooh, back problems. I feel ya. Well honestly, if you do the look I'd really look into a spring seat, seriously. Gotta save that back bro, we only got one lol.

  • I got the original springs with the bike. He kept all of the factory parts to make it easier to sell to someone in a strict state. I, thankfully, do not live in one of those states. Lol

  • Oh... Spring seat.

  • Not a bad idea.

  • Sorry... Read your comment wrong.

  • Could you post a couple pictures of the rear I want to change mine out I'm thinking

  • I like the look of it any pictures of a back view

  • Just an idea I have longer arms so I flipped the risers an it makes a big difference in feel an looks

  • I'll snap one tomorrow. Too dark outside to get a decent one. I'm the opposite. Long legs, not so long arms. I was actually considering getting some slightly swept back handlebars. Might make for a slightly sleeker look, too.

  • Ok no problem an yea i don't have to long of legs but still need some highway pegs yea I like my arms to be straight out not bent

  • I have no problem reaching the bars, but it seems like it would get tiring with the forward controls.