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  • Uk supplied....? Surly not in the uk

  • will be on sale in the uk by mid april accesories will be available a month after

  • Just googled it Joshua, That's going to have a big impact on second hand grom sales at £2.000 new

  • yeah, but they are waaaaaaay over priced! Fun but rattling little f**kers...

  • Over priced when you look at Malaysia prices.. no different to the msx then..

    The msx in Thailand is only about £1800

  • yes, way over priced in UK, I have to chuckle when I see the price people have put into these. Though worth it to be fair, they are great little things. I love mine, just about to drop a bunch on mine. Fat wheels, new exhaust and fairing.

  • Stretching it soon and lowering it. I'll post pics.

  • Eh good luck finding aftermarket parts and also I like my fuel injection too much. Nice looking bike but the grom came cheap enough and I had to switch a lot of stuff out to make it better. Shaving money off an already cheap grom price can't be good/safe. Good looking bike tho i pictures

  • in real life too, was contemplating one myself

  • Thats the trouble in UK mate the grom isn't a cheep bike it's over £3,000 now with ABS

    The new Benelli TNT is a third less at £2,000

  • That headlight is a bit ali express

  • Groms out the door here are $3,500-4200 for the most part with a few better deals here and there. Demand is high this time of year and dealers know that but It's still better to purchase a used grom then a new knock off new because your getting Honda tech support, dealers, wide variety of oem and aftermarket parts, and fuel injection. I'm on a few U.K. Pages and see groms go for under 2k euro all the time. To me it's a no brainer to get the real thing used over a knock off but to each their own. Cheers

  • Will be interesting to see how the market see them, if they attract the Grom crowd then the after market will follow. No L plates for me so I want a full fat 135cc

  • Full fat? Really semi skimmed at best

  • They won't be importing the 135cc I've read

    the 125 is available end of April, I've asked a dealer

    I'm waiting now as I was about to buy a msx or a duke 390

  • A guy on YouTube got 111kph on the limiter on a 135. That is 69mph so I am guessing the throttled 125 is not going to be much quicker than a Grom.

  • Duke is a totally different animal

  • Is that not just a 'normal' chinese air cooled engine? They make those up to 250.

  • yeah I need something small and nippy ,ive got a full license and other bigger bikes ,I need a once a week commuter that can filter down tiny gaps ,ive narrowed it down to a msx sh300 duke 390 or tnt125

  • If I did not have a Grom I would be looking at the TNT. £1200 difference in price buys a lot of petrol

  • ive read the duke 390 is a bit highly tuned for traffic,not ridden one yet,so maybe a 200 would be better

  • Just waiting for someone to wedge the 135 into a Grom frame