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    Going from a Honda Rebel to a Brand new Yamaha R6 has been one of the greatest steps up in my life, i do miss the 250 though

    • Good luck on that Yamaha r6 to me it's just a Sunday ride my Harley is more comfortable when riding all day

    • I ride mine 100+ miles daily with no issues

    • No doubt is a nice bike I've never done more than 80miles on one

    • eenjoy every mile :)

    • Nice lol same here on my Harley

    • ride safe brotha

    • Same to you buddy always look for jackasses driving around and be safe

    • 2 different types with different riding experience.

    • I got 99 problems but a motorcycle is not one, I got both, And my R6 only got 3000 miles vs my rebel 10K miles, my daily driver will always be a Rebel,

    • Good luck, safe roads xx x