• Photos from Karel Flack's post

    My 125 Honda Rebel 98 bobber!

    • I'm like Juan. Where's the exhaust system Karel Flack?

    • This was my bike. So i hade lots of rust. So i tokk my exhaust off 4 som grinding.

    • reaaaaally good job!! congrats from Argentina!!!!!!!!!

    • that is dope.

    • "dope" ---------???????????

    • "dope" ----------- ???????????????

    • Hows the ride with those struts?

    • Rather Ruff, I would say! Not good for the back, nor the kidneys. But, Karel is a young man, he can take it. lol.

    • Dope=awesome

    • Haha i like that;)

    • Ok, Didn't know that. Thanks.

    • You do know not to run the engine with no exhaust/header pipe right?

    • Ofc. haha iam wrapping it.