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I've got a rear splash guard for the bike. Any ideas on how to fit it? The only way that makes sense to me is around the axle between the chain and the swingarm. See pictures.

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  • I need two of these things - where did you get it from?


  • I still can't see where it would fit?

  • in between, take the silver ring out.

  • It looks like you have to remove the silver ring that is in the splash guard and then clamp the splash guard around the spaver/caliper mount on your bike.

  • Would that be strong enough? Benjamin mentioned "the axle has to go through it." so I guess between the silver caliper bit and the swingarm (pictured)?

  • strong, product is cnc made and doesn't weight too much.

  • I meant strong enough just going over the caliper (grey) bit. Does it go around that or between the grey bit and the swingarm (as in my picture with the red arrows)?

  • yes, that's the area to mount the splashguard (red arrows)

  • Thanks, so axle out and then fit in between swingarm and grey bit?