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So pictures are for attention and to show you all that I can have a dirty bike from time to time...... Anyway I went out last night and covered another 70miles on these new anlas tyres covering dry roads wet back roads and wet and muddy country lanes and I'm impressed with how theses tyres and so versatile in the dry I had my foot pegs scraping with no problems no slides and a good feel as to where I was on the tyre in the wet I was confident enough to be able to change direction quickly to avoid pot holes and the last minute in the pitch black and stil throw the bike around a little bit more smoothly tho and on the wet muddy stuck the held up well although I was reminded that nothing is invincible a few times and had a little slide but then I was being silly the tread design clearly held clear the mud and gravel ..... all in all for now this is my new favourite msx tyre let's see what it can do in the summer

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  • I bet you were up at 5am this morning giving it a wash and a coat of gt85 though!

  • Never seen your bike that dirty, if there good enough for you there good enough for us alll!!!!

  • Any recommendations for a engine guard/belly , I mean underneath?

  • I bet your bike doesn't stay dirty long Karl!

  • Tyga belly pans are good with a fender extender

  • It's clean again now

  • Karl - where did you buy your tyres from?

  • I supply them to customers in the uk I buy them from the uk wholesaler

  • Karl Waldron how much are they delivered ( to uk address )?

  • What's the price fitted please mate?

  • £86 plus carriage

  • Karl Waldron - whats the price for just supply only ( no fitting )

  • I'll keep these in mind when I need to replace my conti move 365s