• Photos from Katherine A Marilao's post

    All cleaned, waxed and ready to roll.

    • Jay King, on eBay they are going for $500-700. Make me an offer. What I have is on excellent condition.

    • They are pretty nice! And I could use them! But I think I'm gonna sell the bike for something bigger next year! Thanks though!

    • Sure! No worries

    • I do want to throw on some louder pipes this year tho! Might help resale if you have any leads!

    • I think I will be selling the pipes currently on my bike. Not sure on the brand. I want to get Vance & Hines. Here's a pic....

    • Maybe cobra pipes! Will the discolouring come out? What year is your bike? What would you ask?

    • Yeah! Maybe. Yes, blue will come out. I was also going to put a heat shield on them. I'm not good with pricing stuff.

    • Well let me know if you get new pipes!

    • I just got done doing the same thing

    • Love the color!