• Photos from Kazuhiko Higuchi's post

    • 英語で書いてや(^ ^) おはよ

    • ミッちゃん グッモー!

      何でやねん 俺はノースピークイングリッシュの日本男児(笑)

    • Kazuhiko Higuchi Hello Kazu your mod. to your pipe why what has it done for you more noise ??

    • 樋口 和彦 おは、ココのグループはみーんな異国の人達やろ(苦笑)

    • Merv Hello

      pulse♪♪ UP☆☆⤴︎

    • ミッちゃん 知らんし



    • Kazuhiko Higuchi Hello Kazu i see your info about your mod. of your pipe on your Postie do you like the sound ??

    • Mitsuo Oosumi Hello also Mitsu welcome to my home here in Australia

    • Merv Morrison Hello! Kazuhiko my frieend!

      this photo my CT(^ ^)

    • Mitsuo Oosumi Mitsu thankyou for the photo of your Ct110 it is in very good condition do you ride to many places in Japan

    • 僕はバッフル取ってんねんけど、トルク的にはどれがええんやろうか?

      ノーマルちょん切 るとか?

    • Whats the steel thing

    • Kazu Thankyou and yes i do like your Honda ct 110 and the pipe sounds fine ==BUT your Honda CB--4 is it 750 i do like it very much ==i have a Honda Steed i got sent over from Japan !

    • 吸排気の条件がわからないけど、ノーマルならノーマルですね〜 ただ この部品でパルス感は確実にUPします(笑)

    • Looks like a baffle