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I almost finished with my resto. Trying to find a mirror that fits the odyssey styling. What y'all think ya-nay. P.S. what about the shocks

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  • Shocks look cool! Not sold on the mirror though.

  • Great looking ride. Not sure about the mirrors though.

  • Shocks are terrible ride

  • Have you run these before

  • Looks sweet. Wish I could fined a pilot in Canada

  • Lookin good

  • Yes on quads

  • Vibration is key on odyssey mirrors. Short mirrors like stock is what you should be looking for.

    When the mirror vibrates you cant see nothing.

  • Looks really good keith you have did a good job.let us know how it rides ..

  • Paul Liescke, how terrible are they, i know they need to be setup when you get them....but for $90 is better than blown out stockers, right?

  • No I'd rather run junk stock instead

  • Ok, info on what's wrong with them, not being a a** just would like to know