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Ummmm I bought my first 350x and this was the carb that came with it along with a uni filter and cobra exhaust. This isn't the right carb. Lol what carb is this????

  • I hate to be that guy but anything would help. I was thinking the arctic and carb but if you want to put up more I'm grateful for it.

  • I know it has a uni filter, cobra exhaust, and some huge wheel spacers and this carb is what I've found so far.

  • Let's say I have what you have. What do you run for oil and your oil filter?

  • I have a K & N air filter, while I run a Honda oil filter in it, along with some synthetic NAPA oil.

  • here it is

  • compliments of

  • I correct myself. I actually have a 36mm Mikuni.

  • So how do I know what size I have? Sorry Zachary im new with the technical things and when installing stuff I can learn and measure. Haha but trying to find out what this sleeper has... Yeah... Do you think it's a 36?

  • Thank you Zachary for your help so far BTDUBS.

  • No problem man. Yeah i think there's a good possibility it's a 36. When this article came out it was a popular thing to do. That 's why my 350x has all those performance parts. The good thing is that Mikuni has a very professional website with plenty of rebuild parts and stuff. I've never measured a carb. I just new the size from what was told to me