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For y'all that have been following my frame issues. I am breaking down all my plastics etc to take it to the shop for an inspection today and I just happened to catch my front end and I've always thought something was up. It does not appear straight. It is slanted if I am not mistaken? Top left is at 11 o'clock and bottom right is at 5 o'clock? I can not tell if it is my stem/collar or my triple trees or if I have bent forks! HELP PLEASE. I pushed the stems in to bleed in air if any and the right fork was fine just a hiss for half a second. Then the left one (facing the front of the bike) bled this red stuff. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

  • There's a difference between tinkering with it and maintenance and then fetching bull crap we did with the Big Bitch (Big Red)

  • Yup, I put them in back in Feb of this year. Raced it twice since then and just rode the shit out of it yesterday in some big tables and doubles. I got a really good feel for them

  • How to know you're working your suspension to the fullest lol. Yesterday

  • Gotta love my gusset kit, it takes this kind of abuse and keeps on going strong ..

  • Haha the oh really comment was directed towards Hunter ,Sean . But I am glad to know! Is it possible my stock springs are worn out as well? So there isn't much of a difference for upgraded springs but they take the beating better?

  • Hunter if there is a salvage yard with in a 400 mile radius of Coeur d Alene including Canada I have called and checked it. And asked them for places or people and as they said places I said yep yep yep I called them all too. But I now know tons of people and places for parts and stuff!

  • Places with 350x parts?... Are you sure Kelly?

  • Haha! I wish I could slap you right now... No but for every other 3 wheeler and motorcycle.

  • Yeah thats exactly what i said "no junkyard for this bike either"…..youre working on this bike I'm not talking about other bikes...

  • You need to learn to read my sarcasm lol I know