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I ask this a lot lol but... Is this stock? I'm restoring as we speak and currently learning crap ton. I bought a oem heat shield for my header I was going to ceramic powder coat because I was "missing one" and ended up splurging and bought a Harkabusic header instead. My current headers I thought and think are oem but have no bungs, what so ever . So, I also found out in the old days cobra, Supertrapp etc made headers too. I know I had and still have the cobra megaphone style muffler on here. What header is on here now?

  • No problem man

  • On eBay???

  • Maybe...

  • Thats a cobra header for sure on there... not uncommon. Sam's headers are pretty sweet, he's showed them to me in person and swears by them

  • The forum picture has an image of a 350x that is 100% stock with the exception of the braided steel brake lines. That pipe does not appear to be stock.

  • I sat there like a hawk for the last 5 mins trying to win it thankfully I did

  • Haha thanks man. I got distracted a while before on a tripple bar headlight guard for it and lost it so I watched this and the heat shield I no longer need like a hawk.

  • Jimmy Koller

  • same kindve headers on mine ,just looking for a good muffler now! waiting on one soon.