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Playing with the carbs on my 83 v45

  • You just killed all the bottom end and mid-range by eliminating the air-box. V4 engines are super sensitive to air-box volume and during dev of the engine the engineers are quite careful to tune that to provide peak torque at usable levels. I think if you were to put the bike on a dyno with the stock air-box and with...whatever it is that you've cooked up, you'd see a substantial reduction in both torque and hp with only extreme high rpm hp reaping any benefit from the single filter configuration. While engines may be nothing more than glorified air-pumps...they're finicky air-pumps.

  • Gotta go with Michael Pierce on this one. The engineers did their jobs quite well and have given us a decent setup already. There is a reason they changed from the dual side intakes to the one main under tank setup from 82 to 83 on the Sabre's What you end up with may well work, but I don't believe you will even achieve the same level of all around performance. Regardless, I am anxious to see what you come up with and where your experimentation takes you.

  • If it doesn't work you can always get another airbox off a junker. I agree that you probably won't get better all-around performance. If you don't like the performance you get but you like the look, you could rig them up as dummies.

  • FYI, airboxes are designed so that their resonances influence performance, just as tuned exhausts do. Modern racebikes don't use open intakes for that reason.

  • I don't see open intakes...yet...but looks cool regrdless...nice setup...I was thinking similar, but to one four barrel...

  • Was going to start it yesterday and see how it does but the carbs started pouring gas out so its back apart this is what the problem was

  • But with a little red neck engineering i got it fixed

  • Got it all fixed it runs better than before