Photos from Kevin Kojima's post

Yay or nay ?

Thanks for the link Ian Jarvis

Some funky stuff, especially the lights that change colour.

If anyone's interested in looking it's: Big Size Custom on FB

  • I'm interested in that white seat how ever much that is

  • £80 Ben

  • Do you have a price for the colour change headlight?

  • Contacted them, just waiting to hear back.

    Let you know as soon as

  • that includes postage to UK?

  • so I'm looking at like £100 realistically

  • Why would anyone put red light at the front of their bike? It's both illegal and stupid.

  • The seats look cool though , any pics mounted?

  • Ahhhh! The joys of living in city of angels

  • Sounds about right

  • Sorry Aaron, can't find one.

  • I want a headlight

  • Just ordered this highly illegal and dangerous headlight. Hopefully will be going and fitting this weekend. Will ask them then about the price of the funky colour changing one for you.

  • Good man. Obviously the colour change will only be used when on a closed road stunting.

  • I saw similar on a bmw car it don't effect the headlight but I personally would have the res halo on sidelights only