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Sexy or what ?

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  • Is that original Akro?

  • Yup!

    It's true that there is a lot of cheap copy stuff here.

    But it's also the home of the grom, so aftermarket stuff is everywhere ( quality stuff too ).

    It's just difficult if you can't go ( or know the shop ).

    But this stuff is pucker

  • Once I've seen Termignoni dual exhaust on a Grom, and I've contacted the company and they said they do not do that. So I figured out so many fake stuff out there.. :(

  • I'm not a salesman Lesley, but as far as I know it's the real deal.

  • How much was they mate i lyk the look of the dual one

  • £100, then you've got shipping n import duty on that

  • Yer but the import and the duty fee is only gunna be about 40 i think

  • Not going to be the real deal mate. The top one is a replica two brothers, the bottom is a replica Akra in a similar style to what they make for the X-max. I'll eat my hat if it's made at, or licensed by, either original factory.

  • Aaron Mortimer exactly

  • Just an innocent question as I really don't know.

    What's the difference in price ?

  • The quality looks great on that replica. I'd buy it. I guess like 3x as much for the original.

  • Jeez x3!

    Honestly I don't know Aaron, any performance difference ?

  • Bear in mind that the titanium header pipe only is just over £200 so £100 for that says it has to be fake

  • Cheers for the info.

    I guess it's each to their own. Personally I wouldn't skimp on brakes or suspension, but the rest is not so critical for me ( obviously not talking about engine ).

  • If it's £100 it's definitely fake. I personally don't have a problem with erm "replica" products because you save a fortune. I got this Yoshi (replica) sent from Thailand

  • The only prob is that it doesn't look anything like the real one.

  • Ive seen one up close and can say that one from Andrew looks, up close, exactly like what it is - a Chinese pit bike exhaust with a yoshi sticker on it. The rivet bands are chrome steel instead of stainless and the end caps are just plastic - for a start. Doesn't mean it won't work, but the quality isn't there.

    Pictured is a Db killer from one of these exhausts. Held in by an m4 or m5 screw threaded straight into basically tin foil. It fell out on a mates bike so I threaded it m6 and put a screw and locking nut in there instead.

  • That db killer is a piece of shit. Chucked it in the bin as soon as I opened the box. I don't like the look of the Yoshi RS9, looks too big for the bike. Mine has been on over 2 years now and still looks like the day I put it on. Only covered 1200 miles mind you lol.

    Iv often thought about getting the end plastidipped in carbon just never got around to enquiring about it. If I'd hung out a little bit I would have got the Tyga Carbon but 2 years ago there wasn't an awful lot of info going about.

  • I do like that akro replica, considered it until I went on the website and couldn't understand what info it was asking for lol

  • Welcome to my world

  • Yeah I've heard it's hard to learn, never attempted it myself, would be nice to understand the website because I'd definitely give that one a go for the price :)

  • I'm going there tomorrow, his Mrs speaks English. If she's there I'll have a word with her and see if they can do something about the website.

    I know it's not a quick fix, but ....

  • It's greatly appreciated any sort of help is great