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Funny day today.

Started great then went bad and now it's great again. Bike is back on the road. Turns out it wasn't the bearing, it was the clutch (don't ask me

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  • Quality workshop! Lol glad your bike is back on the road fella!!!

  • Wow that's crazy

  • Definitely crazy

  • Very friendly too Jack, the owner practically dragged me around to show me everything.

    Bloody hot in there too

  • Cheers Gary, me too lol

  • Great news.

  • Jesus how to they work in such mess

  • Actually Buster this is one of the better ones I've seen

  • plenty of room in there! is that near your place Kevin?

  • Kevin Kojima, you need more stuff in there.

  • I bet they are allowed to smoke too Buster!

  • Probably I'm not though