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    OK its not a bike. Its a brush shredder / chipper and is powered by a Lifan engine which is a clone of a Honda GX200 series engine. Its 6.5hp.

    Are these engines anygood? We just might upgrade it to an electric start 15hp version which is around £200 new.

    • I have lots of these Honda clones, Loncin and lifan. Before use I now take the side cases off and use instant gasket putting back together. They use some sort of white stuff that's not silicone it just wipes off. Use a good quality engine oil and you should be right. The electric start ones are good.

    • I have read and seen videos on YouTube...all have said these motors were good...I'd buy one if I needed it

    • puy in an electric motor instead

    • try finding a 6.5hp 230v single phase electric motor. electric is also no good when too far away from a power supply and dangerous when wet