Photos from Kristian Day's post

As some of you may know the biffer went bang again yesterday while I was cbt instructor training I decided today to part company

An I've bought a triumph tiger 1050

I do have some bits for sale such as the pillion seat hump an givi bars an rack an an ermax belly pan although not in the best Nick

An I have a colour coded tank bag cover although that's missing a few clips but easy sourced

  • Same here sick of replacing them

  • Oh I don't no about that Kristian Day, well I suppose mite have too seen we let mark stay ,

  • Pic of belly pan plz & cost, first dabs!

  • Will sort that tomorrow for you Ian no trouble

  • I'm still here and my CBF1000 went 3 bikes ago

  • Sorry to hear about your continued problems Kristian Day, I did try to help with upgrading whilst replacing. Mine is fine since I upgraded it. So far !.

  • Kristian Day who are you downtraining with?

  • Stefan at Cardiff motorcycle schooled bin amazing Tony one of the instructors have taken me under his wing an I've learned loads this week it's bin awesome really enjoying it

  • Just a heads up. Get a date for Cardington booked asap even if its in six months time.

    We have just had the nod from the top that its all change soon. You really want to get it done and carry the grandfather rights.

    I dont want to tread on any toes but am happy to offer advice ad share syllabus notes etc.

  • Cheers mate I've got loads of notes lol I'm just in the process of starting to type my notes now I got a day off tomorrow so I'd better get my arse sorted with them an I spose I'd better take the Mrs to lunch lol haven't spoken to her since last Saturday properly expect today ....uhh love can I buy a new bike.....LMAO

  • Just looked at the website. Looks good, nice big pad.

  • They are a great bunch of guys

  • Nice to hear. Plenty of shisters about.

  • I'm still here booooyah

  • Good luck mate, the triumph triple sounds fab

  • I like the Triumphs, would consider one myself. When I went to the electric rewind place I asked them just how bad the CBF was relative to other bikes/makes. They did not consider the CBF to be especially bad. I asked why you don't hear so much about the Fireblade failures when its the same engine. They did not have a great answer to that one. They did however sight the Triumph electrics as more subject to failure than Honda, or other Jap makes, now that takes some doing !

  • Just as well our office is based in a triumph dealership then lol

  • May I point out that, before I went to the electrical works firm, I had never heard of any Triumph with any electrical woes !

  • All bikes have there faults , it's an easy fix it's just the inconvenience of it when it happens,

  • Did that Triumph come with sunglasses?