Photos from Kyle De's post

Hey everyone, as ive posted before i have been considering a couple of bigger motorcycles, a 1985 Honda Shadow ACE 750, and a 1985 Honda 450 Nighthawk, but searching around online i stumbled across a 1979 Honda Cb550 bobberm here are pics of all three, stuck between a rock and a hard place lol

  • You can always bob the shadow and swap back or sell the stock stuff for bobber parts. Its a win-win!

  • haha true,

  • Older bikes that are hard to find parts for too.

  • theyre all older, shadow-85, nighthawk-85, bobber-79. and the shadow i guess has a sticky 1st gear

  • If you like the Rebel styling go for the Shadow

  • thats the thing though, mine is a cm250c, before the rebel and its modified.

  • shes mine

  • I have the CM250 too it was a $400 barn find plan to make a scrambler out of it. I like the shadow and the nighthawk both good bikes sit on them get a feel for them you'll know which one suits you.

  • buddies going to deliver the shadow tomorrow.

  • $1600, comes with jardine exhaust, cruise control, winter cover, wind shield, saddle bags, highway pegs, Spare seat(ripped a little bit) battery , gas tank , brake cables, head light, handle grips, foot pegs , back springs licence plate cover

  • Sounds like a good deal

  • i thought so, im assuming the mufflers alone are probably $200

  • Honda anything else will be a maintenance pony. Get that 750

  • lol i think i am

  • If you're going from rebel I would suggest passing on nighthawk it's more upright less cruiser type