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Need some wiring identification help... First to wire led headlight which connector? Second this the correct for the starter?

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  • Or is the headlight connect the 4 wire connector with blue green white yellow?

  • The wiring for the led light bar is on the Chuckuslife website. I used it and my light works perfectly. Darby Brown can probably help with the second question.

  • My connector doesn't look like the chuckuslife one unfortunately

  • It would help if you mentioned what type of scooter you had and took photos from further back so we can see what you are working with.

    Do you own a multimeter (volt meter) or a 12V test light?

  • I'll take some When I get home from work, but it's a 15 maddog with a brand new Cajun mad dogs oem harness. I do not but I can get one

  • You definitely need a multimeter if you are going to own a Chinese scooter. Electrical problems are typically the most common issue with keeping them running well.

    The headlight wiring harness for the Maddog is the 4 circuit plug with yellow, green, white and blue wires in it. Hook the Black wire on your LED light bar to the Green wire on the headlight harness and the Red wire on the LED light bar to the White wire on the LED harness. This will allow the light to come on with the key. You will also need to do the DC power conversion so you don't blow out your LED light bar.

  • I'll pick one up on the way home tonight, is there a way to wire te bar to my headlight/indicator switch?

  • Thank you for the continued help

  • Oh gotcha

  • Not sure what you mean by wire it to the headlight/indicator switch. Led light bars only have one setting unless you run a resistor/diode setup to create a low beam setting. If you want to have a low and high beam, I make a plug and play kit. ys/scooter-stuff/led-light-bar-high-low-beam-harne ss

  • This kit is awesome btw. Works perfectly and make installing everything way easier.