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    I just said goodbye to my motorcycle stuck it in the garage till the next season

    • Riding until my body refuses to leave the house because it's too cold.

    • It's a good thing I live in Louisiana because it pretty much stays hot here all the time lol don't get me wrong it gets cold here but not stopping me from riding.

    • I ride 12 months.

    • I ride until it snows in eastern Ontario. Sometimes it gets damn cold but I won't quit until the snow comes.

    • Even after the snow. If it stays below freezing after the roads are clear you don't need to worry about the road icing up

    • It's still officially summer at that

    • Talking to a couple friends about doing tail of the Dragon this year, just moved to Georgia and I'm only 90 minutes away!

    • I live in ontario canada and will ride till about November 1st then put away till April or May

    • I put it away cause I am so busy TRUCKING