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Pains me to see my baby LIke this, but off to powder, one step closer to a fully built xc R

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  • I'm in the same boat!! Got my 85 atc down to the frame n I feel like I am dying lol. But she's getting done up pics in a couple weeks :)

  • i'm spoiled.i usually strip,powder,rebuild in less than a

  • You better gusset it

  • imo there is no reason to gusset.all that does is make the frame weak next to the weld.

  • Just get a Walsh. Stop being cheap

  • i would rather have 10 frames sitting all done than 1 walsh.

  • and atleast i know everything will bolt up and not need specific parts to fix if any damage was done.

  • My best friend for any build:wire wheel

  • false

  • so heattreating a frame and making it brittle next to a weld is false?

  • welding gussets does not make it weak. If done properly it does not make it brittle. Look at all the top pro bikes today, they are all production frames and all have gussets.

  • if done right and the metal is re heattreathed to re anile the metal it's fine.every frame i have seen gussetted has cracks right next to weld from gusset.

  • imo.good rider with good suspencion.gusset's art needed.flat land or case a jump..gusset or not they will crack,bend.

  • Eventually something is going to give, it will hold up 10 times longer with gusset than without.

  • If that's the case why would the pros do it?

  • all a gusset does is move the weak point to somewhere else.

  • fasle again

  • go look at natalie's 450.

  • It disperses the stress point over a larger area instead of one local spot

  • I did, 3 days ago, along with Hetricks, Restralies, browns and weinens

  • when jb does his frames it's not everywhere.and they also tig and dont overheat the frame next to the weld.

  • I was in jbs trailer Monday, I had him weld some gussets on the kid we sponsor bike, he didn't do anything different than I do. And yes, like I said, it needs to be done properly, which means tig welded.

  • ands if your worried about it making the material next to the weld brittle you could use silica bronze filler