• Photos from Lee Cairns's post

    Had a nice ride out this morning (on my own)

    • Really is brilliant!

    • Is it still standard engine?

    • All groms are. 4 speed manual

    • What's it like with them bars and would like to get some for mine

    • 143 kit fitted

    • What is your top speed now?

    • Running it in at the moment so don't want to go mad

    • Bars are good for me but have heard others say there the wrong position for them

      But I'm happy with them

    • The bike looks nuts

    • Quite like the twin exhausts on a pretty much standard bike, I went for a low mount but only personal preference

    • Things are expensive for it lol I want new rims and long swing Arm like yours

    • Your headlight fender,

      I just cut mine up to extend my rear fender

    • Stacey was that at warrs yesterday

    • Stretch kit is about $150 which isn't expensive I don't think

      But wheels on mine where £a lot£

    • I live down south in Swindon mate

    • What's that mean?!

    • Someone asked if I was at warrs yesterday I don't no where that is so I just said I live in Swindon lol

    • Lee Cairns can u see the other person called Lee vitout talking

    • Yes

    • Where is warrs