• Photos from Lee Cairns's post

    Tyga low mount fitted

    • Damn!!! Thats nice!!!

    • Sound clip?

    • Can I see a side on full bike view please ( when its convenient) I quite like this and cant make my mind up between a high level one or this..


    • Lee Cairns that tail tidy I got was the wrong 1 he is sending me the h2c out tomorrow

    • Ok Gary

    • How's it performing with it

    • Not been out on it yet

    • How much was it lee

    • You'll best ask Gavin Greenall he'll sort you out a price with a discount

    • Price with discount and shipping (uk) is £256.50

    • Looks like a possible replacement for my MAD exhaust in the future.

    • That's beautiful

    • How do I get the discount if I order via eBay mate?

    • We dont do the discount on ebay you have to order direct with me for the discount

    • Gavin Greenall ok, how do I go about that?

    • Pm me your paypal email and I will send you a invoice to pay

    • Gavin Greenall done

    • Will send over shortly do you want the big or small can

    • Small please