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On my 1100 when I try and do a burn out it pushes my front tire is there something I can do to stop it? Like maybe changing type of brakes or calipers.

  • let off the brake

  • I know everyone is saying its a no-no but I've done it on my 99 1100. Soft dirt is the easiest and of course wet pavement.

  • Soft dirt and wet pavement.... I don't consider it a burnout unless you can smoke the tires.. :P

  • Good morning Lance Ziolkowski. I said the easiest but I've done on dry too. He just needs to learn on soft stuff to get the hang of that point when the rear tire starts turning. I don't recommend doing it all the time but it's fun.

  • Shaft drives don't like burn outs, they like to grab not slip

  • The best way to impress your galfriends and manpals is to slowly drive your back tire through a long shallow container of bleach or ammonia (not both) saturate bottom of tire... smoke like hell ...

  • Its a sign of old age when you don't enjoy a burnout anymore. Lol

  • Im too old to do goofy stuff.. I did that as a kid. Now im a memember of arthritis

  • It is a sign we've reached an age where we don't feel the need to impress anyone anymore.

  • That's why they invented STP. A little dab'll do ya!!!