• Photos from Lee Jerome's post

    Shed clear out

    The bike built up the frame is knackered it has pin holes and the frame number is very questionable but has a v5

    I bought this frame in good faith

    Frame on the floor looks ok but needs blast and is not registered I was thinking along the lines of getting it registered or change of frame number on the v5

    There is a good loom in a box

    • What would you take pal

    • Do you have a pair of side panels? And what condition is the carb in?

    • And what are the red shocks? Condition? Cheers

    • For this lot £600

    • The carb run ok

      But will need a clean out ..

      I have side panels but odd colours

    • Out of my budget thanks tho

    • What's your budget ?

    • Non running I don't pay more than 150 /400 depending if got paperwork

    • Ok no worrys

    • I take it the left hand panel doubles up as the airbox cover?

      Colours don't matter to me :-)

    • Correct it does

    • How much the lot

    • Got any new 125 camshaft Lee

    • No afraid not

    • Lee Jerome ok bud

    • I'd like £600

    • Lee are you up by Manchester

    • I'm in Orpington/ Kent

    • I remember now a bit far cost me abit on fuel cheers

    • It's ok

    • would you be willing to sell me a pair? Or even just the LHS one?

    • I could sell you the pair

      The left hand one is good the right hand one has a repair if I was to use it I would fibre glass or simular the back just to brace it up

    • Any body interested in this lot ??

    • Is the 185 engine a runner ?

    • Nope but the 200 is

    • What's the condition of the rear wheel and spokes?