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On,just had to file them a bit to fit into the pocket but real easy install.

%d comments
  • No but might, found best setting for me are brake all way out and clutch halfway on the lever adjusters.

  • For me I had to adjust the clutch cable for there to be play in the lever (could be because I got the long levers) but its a really simple job :)

  • Also there is play in the levers slightly, I can wiggle them up and down a bit so tomorrow I'm gonna use some washers so they sit tighter in the pocket.

  • Thats a good idea the same with mine they have a slight play up and down but that should fix it :)

  • I'll probably use rubber ones.

  • yeah did you re grease your bolt when you put it back in?

  • Yep:)

  • Same I was surprised by how much they put on in the first place

  • Yeah loads, enough to grease a lorry.