• Photos from Lee Vitout's post

    New flushmounts just arrived, bit dubious that they don't secure via a nut, they just have a double suded adhesive the same shape as them, anyone else had and were they secure? Cheers

    • Defo, was gonna have them powdercoated but the bloke said it would add about 2mm to the thickness of the forks and then the yokes would scratch them.

    • Man in a box forks are black

    • Mnnthbx cost a bomb too!

    • It's about £1000 lol

    • Fuuuccckkk that.

    • I think I'm going with the Ohlins kit.

    • How much is that?

    • I think 300$ or so not including the special tools to make the install easier. I don't think the tools total 50$-60$ though.

    • Plus vat remember you can get just as good deal from the UK but the set up is for 85 kg weight