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Lots for sale . Looky looky ✌

%d comments
  • How much for the slidders

  • All prices in description

  • £25

  • Are the engine protectors £25 posted if so will take them if that's ok?

  • How much yss rear shocks? Serious buyer here

  • Postage is fiver buddy

  • £125 as above

  • Crash protectors come with the fitting hardware?

  • Hi il have a look if I got the bolts and spacers still in the box buddy

  • Hi have you still got the breather

  • Yes

  • Sorry mate I didn't get to you yesterday but if you still got the breather I will have it just let my know how to pay ya

  • David Hobley Mesage sent

  • Everything still for sale

  • Hiya what's your email or how can I pay for the breather and sorry iv not been in touch but iv had to do some nights at work for a couple of weeks and I'm knackered LOL

  • Pm me