• Photos from Leith White's post

    Chipping in from Vancouver Canada… My 1980 Ol' Faithful… The cars... neither of them run...at the moment!

    • My first bike was a 1979 Trail 90. It was red with a buddy seat.

    • LOL… Yeah I have a buddy seat with mine as well but my wife won't go anywhere near it -I actually just picked mine up this spring-thought it would be fun as a little urban commuter - I'm more of a hotrod guy - but this has been a ton of fun around town.

    • I find they're real conversatuon starters. Everybody or their neighbour or uncle owned one.

    • Left hand drive postie bike...lol

    • I've got a 1980 postie also. I live in Victoria bc also.

    • thanks for piping in Kevin… Of the 80s were the only one with no Hi-low with them - but still love the bike… It's a great little urban commuter!

    • I just got it home 2 minutes ago

    • brilliant!

    • I added distilled water to the battery. And it fired up right away.