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As a guy that is 6"1 how would I fit on a 85 honda rebel 250? I am picking it up Friday and it would be my first bike. It would only be for around town and the occasional trip to my families which is like an hour and a half. Also what about foot boards? Anyone have them? How are they?

  • for your foward controls

  • I put an engine guard on mine then added highway pegs and that helped alot to stretch my legs. I am 5'6" but I am looking for a bigger bike to do some long distance cruising.

  • I really don´t like the BCB kit because they use the original brake pedal system. I prefer those who change to the linkage system.

  • Not sure where to find it, but there is a company who makes a 5" forward controls kit. Does require some modification, but 5" would help you out an awful lot.

  • If you can find the Mapan forwards that the way to go. Rare and hard to find.

  • They are the only forwards made to fit the 1 st generation Rebels.

  • Here in Argentina we have 2 or 3 bad Chinese versions of the Rebel an they have the other linkage system. For those versions some companys have forward controls using the original pedals. I don´t want to buy those chinese pedals to fix the forward controls to my Rebel. That´s why I´m looking for a "plug & play" kit for Rebels but changing the original system with linkage. http://articulo.mercadolibre.c s-de-pedaleras-mondial-hdcorve nraider-dogchopper-_JM

  • Lloyd, I am 6.0' and the 250 rebel is not comfortable for me. I get cramps in my hips, especially my left (shifting side) and I think it is due to my knees being bent at about 90 degrees to put my feet on the pegs. This puts my knees in a high position and it effects my hips. I am looking into getting or making forward controls as suggested above by David, and Alberto. You may have to do the same, Not" Cheap". You may not have same problem with your long legs and the stock controls and foot peg position. You'll just have to ride it for awhile and see what happens. What ever you have to do, it is worth it. You made a good choice for your first bike. Even though I am not comfortable on my rebel, I still love the bike. My hip problems may be because of my age. I'm an "Old Phart".

  • Jacks Rebel Warehouse in Eustis, Florida carries a very nice set of "foot boards" for the rebel, and they come with extra mounting brackets of which Jack fabricates himself that lowers the foot board about 3" I think it is. Good for the long legs. Check them out on his web site, to see if they are what you would want.

  • I love the way my Rebel fits me - but I am all of 4f 10". I let my husband ( 5' 10") ride mine and he says he's comfortable. These are short rides, though.