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received this saber fuel tank from an eBay purchase. The ad stated it was a bolt on and go fuel tank. What do you think?

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  • me too man...gettin old sucks

  • Thanks everyone for your wisdom, but I think this tank is history. Thanks to this group I sould have a new tank arriving soon. As for the tires , I'll trade you a 1985 sabre fuel tank which is also ready to bolt on and go.....

  • Good news, definitely file a claim and get your money back or something.

  • My hubby used muriatic acid and Por 15 tank sealer on my V45 Magna ( er_p_64.html). Por 15 also has a kit that contains a cleaner, rust remover (instead of the muriatic acid) plus the sealer ( l-Tank-Repair-Kit-_p_106.html). Good luck!

  • Lonnie Listner, your time is far to valuable to burn on this tank... You need a clean slate... Just put it back in the box and send it over to me... This way you can move forward without distractions... Ill PM my address... Oh yeah forgot to mention your refund check is already in the mail... :-)

  • With that much rust it may be past the point of holding anything. Had that happen on my 82 mag. Tank looked pretty good but when I filled it with fuel started bubbling thru the paint and leaking. Wasn't very happy about having to buy a new tank for it.

  • Coca cola works!

  • Molasses chellation. Google it. All the smarut hot-rodders and classic car restorers use it. There are lots of videos demonstrating how well it works for rust removal. Clean, safe, fast and bio-degradable.

  • I had a tank off a moto that sat for 8 years with 1/3 of a tank of fuel in it,..... nasty mess of rust and green. Evapo Rust worked for me, 2l in the tank, swish around every day and rest tank in a different position every day. cleaned it right up in fact am using that tank for the last 2 seasons. There are many methods, just pick one you want to use.

  • Muriatic acid