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Had my panels off (whilst painting side covers) and noticed the plastic that normally locks itself into the airbox is broken on one panel.

I had previously noticed the panel had some play in it which was clearly due to this.

First 2 pictures show the broken part on the panel, as well as the whole panel to give an idea of where this part is.

3rd picture shows the other side's panel for reference, how the broken piece should look.

Anyone got a suggestion for a DYI fix? Something like tape maybe? Or a zip tie somehow?

Hoping someone has had this problem and overcome it before!

Thanks! :)

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  • Way cheaper than I imagined! Might well do that then, for now doesn't really bother me too much though. Cheers guys!

  • I drilled mine and tie wrapped it on

  • Is that zip tied with an airbox delete?

  • No I drilled what was left on the panel and looped a zip tie through the rubber holder on the air box

  • Mines broken, I just leave it. Its an extremely common problem from reading about.

  • Nice solution could definitely do that

  • Whilst on same topic of panels. Anyone else get a rattle from the side fairings when riding around 30mph? I can't seem to locate it. It's defo in the side Panel and no rattle when it's off. All screws are tight aswell

  • Sure it ain't your number plate? Mine rattles like hell

  • Common problem but you could use the other side for reference and go out and buy some small L brackets (metal). Grind the L brackets down a bit if needed and then drill holes in the brackets and secure with one or two nuts and bolts that attach to the body panel clip that is still present. It should create the Clip in an L shape that broke and give you a bit of the grab that you're looking for...

  • Ive put a sponge behind the plate lol. Can't be that bit will rule it out once I get tail tidy on

  • Both mine are broken, doesn't seem to effect anything

  • Yeah had noticed it was moving but not by much and didn't really bother me. Just if I go on a big trip I'd probably prefer to get it fixed or DYI fix it myself

  • Sorry haven't had that problem but commenting because our last names are similar. :D

  • Hahaha

  • Happened to mine and i got it replaced under warrenty!!!

  • I've got an awful rattle on mine, I think it's the panels!