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Just got my Msx mini bike bench back from the powder coaters, obviously it had to be YELLOW!!!!!, I will be making more In any colour you want ???

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  • How much ?

  • Prices will be up soon Geoff

  • Erm... how do you get the bike up there in the first place? Looks a little tall to take a ramp?

  • Do you honestly think I would build a bench that didn't have a ramp A!!!!! Haaaa!!!! , it hangs on the side of the bench , 7mm turned alloy ramp

  • ride up or push up? I must admit, the first time I tried to push my MSX up a plank into the house through a narrow door was a little embarrassing... it was much easier than I thought, and before I knew it the bike was going through the door (fast!), and I wasn't, but I couldn't let go. I must have looked like some one going bowling who'd forgotten to let go of the ball!