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Picked the bike up in London at noon and rode back to Glasgow and I got to say that was the worst conditions I've ever rode in. Fog and drizzle made it hard to see and the unlit M6 and M74 made it even harder was so so close to booking into a hotel.

My ass was sore...gel seat a Alpinestars Andes jacket was sound but was so cold I had long johns jeans leather trousers and waterproof trousers to keep warm.

Head up....dbl your concentration had 3 pairs of gloves used 2.....

Bikes in the happy....

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  • Aye, that bike is braw in black.

  • New exhaust looks a bit better...

  • great colour and of course "fastest bike"

  • GREAT..BIKE..JUST THE s l o w ..color..try keeping..up..with..a..GOLDIE