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2003 Honda Firestorm F2

All the old MoTs, lots of service history, great condition for year. One minor blemish on the left hand fairing that has been touched up by the mounting bolt. The belly pan has just been professionally resprayed and is clearly mint. Only 11640 miles.

It has recently been serviced and all fluids changed, manual Cam Chain Tensioners fitted (a vital modification on these), new air filter, valve clearances checked (all of them are in spec) and new brake pads fitted. It's a great bike that is very comfy and eats up the miles. You can also fit some straight through cans for the full V-Twin experience!

Tyres are Diablo Corsas with plenty of life, and the chain and sprockets were changed in December. The only extras are a pair of aftermarket levers. It is ready for the rest of Summer! MoT until November

I am selling because I need something a bit more nimble to get into Central London.

£2650 OVNO

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  • Nice bike mate. Surprised you are selling

  • Me too mate, just no good for commuting around the middle of London

  • Riding a bike round London is not fun,crap roads & too much traffic and too many bell end drivers.

  • give you a 1er for the belly pan ;)

  • I bet you would

  • :D

  • You just need to find someone to chip in the other £2500 for the rest of the bike

  • Wot year is it mate

  • Good point! It's a 2003 model with the new clocks and 19 litre tank.

  • Open to swap ?

  • What have you got?

  • Video of bike running!

  • Mine is a 2003 as well,i thought mine was low mileage with 13,000 miles but you win!

  • Sent you a pm