Photos from Mark Riddell's post

Operation Bright Spark!

  • I have iridium candles, expensive butt long lasting good

  • Enjoy the force

  • DONE! So that went well. CBR600F4 coil sticks and fresh NGK Iridium plugs. She started first go and what a difference already. Engine turns over at least twice as fast as before and the idle is so much smoother. Can't wait to see how it rides now.

  • Yeh, join the stick coil clan.

  • Here's how I handled swapping over the plug end. You can just pull the CBR ones off but the VTR ones you need to cut. Easy done. Then I modified it to fit onto the CBR coil. Important thing is to make sure the length ends up the same as what the CBR one was to ensure it clicks onto the plug properly.

  • Another pic for reference

  • You can see the VTR rubber at the top just wraps around the coil. I just split it at the back then cut some rubber out the inside to keep the overall diameter the same as stock.

  • Completed coils. These fit really snug into the VTR. Hardly any wobble at all.

  • Now go wash your hands you've got dirty fingers.

  • slid the rubber ring down the stick coil, until you find the best position to stop the coil moving around.