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Looking to buy a red left side cover for my 86 v65 magna if anyone has one. I will buy both sides if you got them. Here is pics of my v65.

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  • Bill Dixon

  • Where did you get that lower fairing?

  • Michael McDonald makes the side just need to paint them

  • Beautiful! I had the same issue & I just set up an EBay alert to send me emails every time something new was posted for "Honda Magna left cover" I stalked this for about 4 months & eventually a really nice one came up in red with all the tabs intact. Cost me about $40 but worth it. Good luck!

  • The fairing was on the bike when I bought it. From what i understand most people took them off snd threw them away. I think it sets the bike off

  • Can't you still buy those fairings? I know from the dealer, they didn't come with the fairing. It may have been a factory option, but the bikes were not sold with them on. I bet I could make those using gel and fiberglass!

  • Yeah look like it won't fit with the hiway bars on... Looks sweet tho, I do happen to have 2 red side covers in decent condition (tabs mostly intact) but I think I have another bike coming later this month and not sure if its a sabre or magna... Only have one parts magna... So I gotta wait and see if you needed sabre I'd have you covered

  • This is referred to as a Hondaline Lower Fairing Air Dam. They were a option available. They are not still available in the dealer network. I have had three of them and still own two of them. They do require the factory Hondaline engine guard to mount to.

  • yes Brad you are correct. The only problem with these air dams is you cannot run forward controls