• Photos from Mark Tidswell's post

    Thats the mirrors and bars done what do you think ????

    • Is it not a bit wide for filtering? Other than that looks great

    • Im over 40 . I dont filter I sit and pose lol

    • Fair enough. In that case I like your style sir!

    • Just exhaust and belly pan left to do , ooh and pass my test and take the L s off

    • What exhaust u thinking?

    • Im thinking of an underslung pipe , called ... shortmeg 2 I think , I dont want the noise just the look

    • Cant have the look without the noise unfortunately , I dont want to upset the neighbours and dont want dogs chasing me , scared of dogs shit scared of em lol

    • Where did you get the mirrors I've been trying to find bar end ones as the standard ones are poo

    • Scott most good bike shops do em these were from yeovil , beware of your bar ends though be warned there a pig to get old ones out , thats why I changed the bars

    • Oh right ok mate I will have to have a look in to it lol I want bar end mirrors as the standard ones are poo