Photos from Mark Whitehead's post


Hey thanks for letting me join your group here are a couple of pics of my 1964 cb77 UK bike with all day one parts - seat cover never been restored still got speed masters fitted in 1976 I love this bike very much !!!!

%d comments
  • Nice example

  • thanks i like the fact that it is very original

  • impressive

  • "speed masters" meaning tires? please tell me you're not actually riding around on 40 year old rubber.

  • Yes the bike was stored and covered in a heated garage for 30 years I got the receipt for them lol

  • Its funny i never thought about the tires being that old but they have been out of the sun and are perfect good old Avon !!!

  • I don't care if they were sitting on the shelf in the shop. Rubber still has a shelf life.

  • I have original Avons on my Triumph and they are fine so long as you treat them with respect

  • Well i hear what your saying but what is the life of quality rubber ?the walls have no cracks the guy who moted it said they were perfect don't worry i will try and keep her under 70 mph !!!!!