Photos from Martin Vtr's post

I spent a little bit of time this afternoon out in the cold (but dry) refitting my freshly painted rear wheel and cleaned and refurbed rear caliper, still lots to do before it's ready for spring.

  • I have said it already. You have done a fantastic job with that wheel.

  • Why are your headers so clean!!

  • I always assumed Honda made matt brown headers.... who knew?! Looks great.

  • Hahaha. Elbow grease.

  • hahaha very true rob, I used alloy wheel acid cleaner and scotchbrite pads, not super shiny, but clean

  • believe it or not, they're stainless steel, just a very low grade of s/s.....doh!!!! the brown will come back unless its kept clean

  • How often do you ride yours? I do almost 15k miles a year it just doesnt seem worthwhile to get them shiny shiny.

  • these are the first oem headers I've had in a while, and i'll admit to being a fair weather rider, I ride for fun 99% of the time in the dry. to most people it won't be worth doing, but this bikes going to be for sale soon, and with just over 10k on the clock, I want it to be mint

  • it's hard work cleaning these exhausts, but worth it in the end.

  • Nice. Well worth it.

  • I did a little bit more today, I fitted a new rubber seal to the spigot/fuel filter on the fuel tank. cleaned the tank, glued the two rubber tank bushes onto the tank, as i'm fed up of them falling off. I also sprayed some lithium grease in the petrol cap lock as it was getting, slowly getting there, just waiting on some parts to turn up and then it'll be ready for it's mot.