Photos from Martin Vtr's post

i'm thinking of selling my gilles rearsets, they're in as new and have never been used, I did fit them to my bike, but this was whilst the bike was off the road being modified. the rearsets are black and cost me £380, they are still in the original box with fitting instructions and have real carbon fibre heel plates. there are a few tiny marks where they have been on the bike and stored for a while. i'll sort out some better pictures tomorrow. anyone whose interested and would like to make me an offer please contact me, if this against this fb pages rules please have admin contact me.

  • They cost over half what i paid for my bike

  • quality comes at a price henry

  • Il give u 147.98

  • haha no and no

  • Recently bought a pair, 2nd hand & a bit used...£101 bit of a bargain...rethink those offers more like £250 to £300...Marty needs money for cakes...Hahahahaha

  • I've sold very average gilles rearsets in the past for £150, but as I've said, these are like new and have never been used.

  • hahahaha

  • £151 and some red paint :-P