• Photos from Matt Braun's post

    Would anybody happen to have the mud guards and foot wells for a older rancher? Need them for my 01.

    • This is my old one that you traded me a foreman for lol, you ever fix that topend ?

    • Yep. New cylinder and all.

    • Little more than a top end though lol

    • Dang man what all did you do to it

    • I have an 02 350es parts bike for sale 800$ comes with almost everything

    • Redid everything frame up

    • Dang

    • Where you located and do you have any pictures of it

    • It's pretty big now. 3 inches in total lift, 27s and almost 16 inches of ground clearance. Just a trail rig for now

    • I sold that foreman and bought this lol

    • Yall ever get that carb figured out did you just buy a new 1

    • Sold it how it was lol fixed the electric start and sold it ab a week later

    • How much did you get out of it

    • $2500