• Photos from Matt Lee's post

    Just bought my first postie so pumped

    • Green machine indeed Steve Oates. I was chanting it even before I saw your comment!

    • Nice. DO A SKID!

    • This is my green machine

    • Looks sweet mate

    • Sweet ride, may I ask what exhaust you're got on it? Would love that exhaust on my old girl. This is mine, she's an 88 model. I just won best Jap bike at Lithgow Car/Bike show. (19-10-14).

    • Mines off a Honda monkey z50 from eBay

    • Mine is called Ted

    • This is my green postie

    • Is that "Ted Bullpitt" John John McFarlane Jnr ? Lol

    • Nah.... short for 'Shithead'... lol