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Going from an egr to non egr valve cover. What can I use to block this off

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  • I have one of those but can I not switch to a non egr valve cover? Walt Jiminez

  • I have never worked on a EGR engine so i am not familiar with it. pretty sure someone here is tho

  • You have to get the EGR block off cover it's pricey for what I consider to be a small piece of metal. But that is my opinion. I've gone from 50cc to 100cc and I've left it open sometimes it borders me to see it open but I can't pull the trigger on it. It's up to you.

  • Disclaimer idk if it fits I have not bought it. Mine the whole is not covered like yours. Mine is fully exposed I think. Been a while since I checked.

  • A non egr valve cover like the one pictured would not work then

  • From the way it looks no. The holes don't look like the match up. Might want to keep the stock and get that block off piece.

  • I'm not a mechanic or worked on any engines but from what I see on my bike it's what I'm saying bro. Just wanted to put in my experience on my side.

  • Honestly better off just buying a head that's non EGR

  • Jbweld

  • Buy the head that non EGR they have i few on eBay

  • This is another valve cover I have the egr valve cover but I hate all the different things coming off of the egr valve cover

  • I know what you mean. I'll post pics of mine tomorrow so you can see. I think my friend took everything off.

  • Uh get a piece of metal drill 2 holes... Done

  • And write "NCY" on it if that makes you feel better

  • Why not get the matching parts there cheap

  • Someone please explain how that block off plate is going to cover the egr while still allowing the cover to bolt on... you have to get a non egr head the one you have won't work. Or put the egr crap back in until you have all the correct parts...

  • I'll explain that picture he posted as he stated is the non egr cover the stock one fits perfect and leaves enough room for the NCY cap.

  • Yeah so like I said go back to stock and get the block off or don't be cheap and buy all the parts you need instead of one's you don't need. New head with no egr is like 30 bucks...

  • All the egr does create a vacuum for the breather tubes to burn it in the exhaust. If left open it causes backfiring when you let off rhe throttle. I was shootin flames

  • I used a ncy plate on one of my builds.. I still have it which I dont use it lol

  • Lol