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Right final time posting about this now haha but need some advice. I'm ordering this as we speak from the gents at DKS.

But I'm a bit undecided what colour to get I'm buying another seat aswell with red trim so I was thinking red but....

Opinions would be massively appreciated

  • I've ordered fucking WHITE !!!!!

  • A bit extreme haha. I'm concidering white tbh

  • Yep, I asked him if he could paint Shocker Yellow. He said that he didn't know how to paint that colour.. So I went for usual WHITE :)

  • WHITE !!!!

  • I just got black on black and I'm gonna wrap it in what ever colour takes my fancy

  • Think this sold me. Love it

  • Saved plastics 5 times already

  • Grabbing the 12 bar while I'm at it.

  • Yeah thats next on the list but dont wanna part my arka i love it as will need low mount exhaust

  • Will I struggle with the tiga you think?

  • Paint grom aney color you want match cage or contrast it. I had a white grom at first

  • Not sure mate

  • Where can you buy them?

  • White

  • And put red ends on it

  • Exactly what I've done haha

  • Dark knight street on Facebook matr

  • £230 odd full gull set up and postage

  • get white. if you dont like it after a while then you can spray it

  • Cool thanks guys..

  • I'm going white on white but seeing all the white might go red

  • Just to confirm, £230 odd, shipped to the UK??

  • Ive spoken to Joe, we should meet up and get drunk! And discuss this..

  • White and red My plastic have been hydro dip in Red sparkle

  • It is mate. Takes around a month

  • Cheers Matt, I've been struggling to find a set up like that for a reasonable price!

  • You're welcome. I've searched and this is the best I one I found with spending a ridiculous amount of money. Plus communication has been spot on with them